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Solutions To Your Debt Struggles

Are you hopelessly in debt? Are creditors harassing you or threatening legal action? At Roose Law PLC, we help ordinary people like you find financial relief and keep the creditors at bay.

We can review your situation to determine if you qualify to erase debts in Chapter 7 bankruptcy or reduce and repay your debts through Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You may also be a candidate for an alternative to bankruptcy. Our knowledgeable and compassionate attorney can determine the best solution for you and guide you through the legal process. Adam Roose has 15 years of experience in the bankruptcy courts of eastern Michigan.

Personalized Attention For A Very Personal Ordeal

We understand how stressful and urgent your situation is. Adam Roose provides one-on-one guidance for all facets of bankruptcy and debt relief:

  • Chapter 7 discharge: Eliminate credit card balances, medical bills and other unsecured debts.
  • Chapter 13 repayment: Stop creditor actions now by creating a structured plan to repay debts over time.
  • Home foreclosure: We help families save their houses from foreclosure and catch up on the mortgage.
  • Repossession: Bankruptcy can help you keep your vehicle or get your repossessed car back.
  • Harassment and garnishment: Filing for bankruptcy stops wage garnishment and all collection actions.
  • Bankruptcy alternatives: We can help negotiate a loan modification, short sale or other options.
  • Bankruptcy litigation: Our attorney protects you in adversary proceedings in bankruptcy court.

See our page on frequently asked questions about bankruptcy.

Take Full Advantage Of The Bankruptcy Provisions

You may not be aware of all of the benefits of bankruptcy. Adam Roose can help you make the most of this opportunity to reset your finances. Did you know you can discharge certain tax debts? You can also escape from crushing medical debt and possibly qualify for relief from student loans. You may also be able to discharge a second mortgage (home equity line of credit) or favorably modify your car loan through other provisions known as lien stripping and cram down.
Last but not least, an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you discharge the maximum amount of debt and retain the maximum amount of assets and equity. Adam enjoys helping people get back on track, without judgment or lectures.

Are You Ready For Relief?

The automatic stay against creditors kicks in on the day your bankruptcy petition is filed. Contact Roose Law PLC today to get the process started in a free, confidential consultation. We serve individuals and small businesses in eastern Michigan and statewide, with offices in Southfield, Roseville and Flint. Call 248-331-1200 or use our email form.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.