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Month: February 2021

Understanding wage garnishment in Michigan

The past year has been financially difficult for many people in Michigan. For anyone who is subject to a wage garnishment, it is helpful to understand what that means and how an attorney may be able to help. Garnishment is a process that allows a creditor to collect...

What is bankruptcy and when is it the right choice?

Bankruptcy is in the news frequently, with brick-and-mortar retail businesses and restaurants going under as well as individuals filing for personal bankruptcy. Bankruptcy sometimes has negative preconceptions, that it will ruin a person’s credit, that they will have...

Debt relief options in a struggling economy

A tough economy and continuing pandemic are leaving many Americans behind. Being in debt, faced with cuts in health insurance coverage, unemployment or reduced hours, many people are feeling like it will never end. Fortunately, there may be short-term relief for...